Ever since we created our first Drop, we've had requests to link common fields between Rindle and the apps we integrate with. We've done just that with linked fields for Drops.

What are linked fields?

Linked fields make it possible to link Drop data to Rindle card fields. Linked fields include the card name, start date, due date, and completed status. For example, when a card with a start date and due date from Teamwork arrives in Rindle, the start date and due date are automatically populated in the Rindle card in addition to the card name and completed status. See below.

Each Drop has different linked fields based on the data and functionality it provides. Here's a complete list of linked fields that each Drop supports

How do I set it up?

The best part about linked fields for Drops is that it's set-up already. You don't have to do a thing! :) If the Drop supports it, the card name, start date, due date, and completed status will be linked by default.

If you don't want a field to be linked, no problem. Just click the "plug" icon next to the field to disconnect it. You'll also notice if you edit a linked field in Rindle it will automatically disconnect. 

If you disconnect a field, it will no longer link to the Rindle card. This will allow you, as an example, to populate your own due date in Rindle, even though a due date is set in Teamwork, or what ever app you set up for the Drop. 

Click the "plug" icon again to re-connect the field. 


Drop data automatically gets updated every time you open the card, with a maximum of one update per 5 minute period. If the field is linked, updates will automatically populate on the Rindle card as well.

So, if a start date or due dates changes in Teamwork as an example, those changes will automatically populate in Rindle when the card is opened.

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