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Rolling Out Rindle
Internal Communication Plan
Internal Communication Plan

Exactly what you need to communicate the Rindle rollout to your employees including pre-written copy.

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Rindle saves your employees time and increases productivity, all while improving communication company wide. Though every deployment is different, we recommend the following communication plan to drive adoption for a successful launch (you can download all the assets at the end of this document).

Pre-Launch Week

Create “touch points” to build awareness of Rindle.


Learn more about your company's productivity needs by sending out a survey. We provide you with a pre-built survey or you can use our questions and send your own. 


Hang posters and/or distribute flyers around the office. Post on your intranet, digital signage, or employee blog. Build awareness of how Rindle will be easy, convenient, and save employees time.

Materials: Posters, Flyers


Send a minimum of one email (or as many as one a day) to let users know you’ll be providing a task manager that will save them time and improve organization.

Materials: Email Templates


Pick a competition, activity, and/or reward that you will use to drive adoption. See our list of fun ideas for driving adoption below or create your own campaign.

Launch Week

Invite users and train them on how to use Rindle.


Send invitations to employees via the Users in Account Settings.


Launch the competition or activity, and announce the prize.


Host live training sessions to show employees why Rindle will save them time and how to get started.

Materials: PowerPoint slides, Recorded webinar, Live training hosted by the internal implementation team and Rindle.


Post to internal resources (wiki, docs, forums) using our Sample FAQs. Point employees to Rindle support resources at

Materials: Sample FAQs

Post-Launch Week

Evaluate the success of the launch and identify next steps.


Select the activity winners and celebrate their accomplishment.


Review the Members section in the Rindle admin settings to review adoption rate.


Re-invite inactive users and address any adoption questions.


Communicate with Rindle about your adoption campaign and how our team can support your organization going forward.

Fun Ideas for Driving Adoption

Reward Early Adopters

Incentivize the first X% of your employees to activate their account. For example, give a T-shirt to the first 5% of employees who activate their account, create a task, and assign a task to a co-worker.

Friendly Competition

Create healthy competition by rewarding the first team to get to 100% adoption. Designate teams in Account Settings > Teams before inviting users.

Task It!

Consider sending “Batch Assigned” tasks to the entire company with reminders of how to best use Rindle in your company. Reward the first X% who complete the task.

Scavenger Hunt

Before you send out the user account invites, send out a series of tasks to everyone with sites and notes that have trivia answers hidden in them. Everyone who replies with the answer and marks the task complete wins a prize.

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