What’s the value of using Rindle?

Rindle stores and organizes all your tasks. Tasks that are assigned to you are automatically captured in your task list. No data entry, no back and forth emails, no extra meetings. Other benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use interface makes onboarding a snap
  • Organize tasks exactly how you like (list view, visual card/kanban style)
  • A dedicated task channel in your company to delegate, receive, and collaboration on tasks  
  • Use for projects, planning, tracking, and workflows
  • No more forgotten tasks

How can I get access to Rindle?

You should receive a welcome email from Rindle with instructions on how to get started. Rindle is accessible via modern browsers at [company].rindle.com.
What if I’m a new hire that started after Rindle was deployed?

Any Rindle administrator can go to the Rindle Admin Console and invite you as a new user.

What tasks can and cannot be stored in Rindle?

Any business task or related information can and should be stored in your Rindle account. We recommend that you do not store any personal information in your Rindle account in order to preserve your privacy. This ensures that your personal data remains private to you and will continue with you should you leave the organization.

Can I use Rindle on mobile device?

Yes, Rindle is responsive web app available on mobile and desktop via Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Native mobile apps coming soon!

I use a different task manager. What should I do?

You may continue to use a different task manager personally, but for your work-related tasks we would like you to use your Rindle account which has been vetted by management and offers advanced tasking features that are important to the efficiency and productivity of our organization as a whole.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you go to log in and cannot remember your password, please the “forgot password” feature on the Rindle login screen. Please follow the instructions you receive via email.

Can I share my Rindle account with my family?

No, your Rindle account is for you and your work-related tasks only.

How do I get help using Rindle?

Rindle offers in-app chat support in addition to documentation at help.rindle.com.

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