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Pre-written email templates to send to your employees

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The “Heads Up” Email (2 days prior to invite)

Send a minimum of one email to let users know you’ll be providing a project management platform that will save them time and improve organization.

Subject: Streamlining Task Management with Rindle
Hello Team:

We are pleased to announce that we have recently contracted with a great new service provider called Rindle. Rindle offers a service that will help you better manage your projects, workflows, and tasks. By doing this, our goals are to:

  • Provide a centralized place to manage and collaborate around work

  • Save you time by automating processes and the flow or work

  • Eliminate unnecessary emails, chats, and meetings

  • Educate you on easy ways to improve your productivity, organization, and collaboration.

In the next couple of days, you will receive a welcome email from Rindle. Please follow the instructions to get started. While this is required, it is also something that we are certain will bring you great utility and convenience. We hope that you will embrace and enjoy this new tool.


The Training Invite (2 days following invite)

Provide at least two training day options for your employees to choose from.

Subject: Rindle Training

Hello Team:

Two days ago you should have received your invitation to activate your Rindle account. Hopefully you have done so, and are enjoying the benefits of the service.

We will be conducting required training sessions at the following dates and times. Please respond to this email to reserve your spot:

Date 1
Date 2

Attached is a quick reference guide that might also be helpful as you start using Rindle.


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