Before deploying Rindle, you may want to update your internal policies and/or employee guidebook to specifically reference Rindle. Doing so will help set expectations for why employees should use Rindle, and best practices for using it. Here is a sample of what to include when updating your policies:

We use Rindle for task and project management company wide. Rindle is an online task management solution that keeps all of your tasks tracked and organized. Rindle also allows you to create, assign, and track tasks to anyone in your company. You can manage your personal tasks list, projects, and various workflows with Rindle.

Rindle will be the official task manager for all “COMPANY” employees. The software is available from your browser at As task and work arise record your tasks in Rindle. If you need a team member to complete a tasks, assign it to them in Rindle. Do not use methods like email, chat, and meetings to communicate tasks. All tasks should be recorded in Rindle, whether they are your personal tasks or tasks that you are delegating to someone else.

We recommend following these best practices when using Rindle:

  • If someone asks you to do something via email, chat, or a meeting, kindly ask them to assign it to you in Rindle or capture it yourself in Rindle.
  • Create boards for projects or workflows.
  • Share boards with appropriate team members.
  • If you need to assign the same task to many people, use the “Batch Assign” feature.

Your Rindle account (which uses your work email address) is to be used for work tasks and projects only, since your account can be terminated at any time.

For help using Rindle, please visit

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