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Attach Files to Comments for Quick Collaboration

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When collaborating on a task, it can often help to have a visual representation of your work by sharing files in your discussion. 

You can attach anything from text documents and graphics to presentations and videos in Rindle. 

File attachments can help you better express a message or an idea by allowing you to attach your work directly to the discussion. 

To attach a file to your comment, click the “Add Files” button under the comment box. 

You can choose to upload a file locally from your computer, or via Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Adding a Local File

When you click on the grey "Local" icon, your local files will appear in a pop-up and you can select the files you would like to upload.  

You will then see your file has been uploaded to the task.  

You can see all the files on a task, by clicking on Files.  You can see all of the files on your whole board in one place by navigating to the Files View.

Uploading multiple files

Rindle supports uploading multiple files at a time.  Right-click and grab the files with your mouse, or press and hold the "Shift" button while you select more files. 

Adding files from within a comment

When you place your cursor in the comments section to actively type a comment, you will also see the file attachment options appear below the comment.  With this method, you can directly associate a comment with an attachment where necessary.

Copy and paste graphics into the comment

Hey look!  Want to immediately make your point clear with a graphic? You can also paste images directly into comments to show images inline with your comment.

Drag & Drop files from your computer

As if there weren't enough options!  We've got you!  You also can drag and drop attachments from your computer directly to Rindle. You can drag a file onto a task to immediately attach it.  Or you can open a comment, and drag the file into the comment to add you comments before posting it.

Adding File Attachments from Integrated Apps

You can upload any file our integrated apps by clicking on "Add Files" or by clicking on the app icon while you are typing a comment. 

Google Drive
You can attach files directly from Google Drive without having to completely re-upload files to another place.  Read the Google Drive article here.

If you have attachments in Dropbox that you want to upload to Rindle, it’s easier than ever to move between the two apps harmoniously.  Read the Dropbox article here.

We've added Box to our suite of integrations, and now you can enjoy your Box files in moments.  Ready to get started?  Read the Box article here.

Downloading a File

To download a file, click on the icon on the far right of the row. 

Note that images will load in a browser, and you can right-click on the image, and Save-As to save them locally.  

Illegal Characters In File Names

For client compatibility Rindle does not accept file uploads which have the following characters in the file name:

  • Backslash ("\")

  • Left curly brace ("{")

  • Caret ("^")

  • Right curly brace ("}")

  • Percent character ("%")

  • Grave accent / back tick ("`")

  • Right square bracket ("]")

  • Quotation marks

  • 'Greater Than' symbol (">")

  • Left square bracket ("[")

  • Tilde ("~")

  • 'Less Than' symbol ("<")

  • 'Pound' character ("#")

  • Vertical bar / pipe ("|")

  • Non-printable ASCII characters (128–255 decimal characters)

If you attempt to directly upload files which contain one of these characters all of the files will be rejected. We will prompt you which file caused the rejection. In order to upload the files successfully you must rename the rejected file and re-upload.

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