Collaborate with others by adding comments to tasks.

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You can collaborate on different tasks in Rindle with ease, making it easy to collect thoughts and feedback on projects. 

Collaborating on a Rindle task lets you keep everything in one place, making it much more convenient than going back and forth with email or phone calls. Anyone you invite to your task's board can view or make comments on tasks, helping you stay productive as you collaborate.  

Adding Comments

To add a comment to a task, find the comment box in the middle of the task and start typing your message. When you’re ready to post your comment, click the blue “Post Comment” button.

  • You can Edit or Delete comments by clicking on those buttons below the comment. 

  • You can also comment on Sub Tasks. 

Pro Tip: You can paste images directly into comments to show images inline with your comment.

Mentioning/notifying coworkers in specific comments

If you want to direct a comment toward a specific person, you can "mention" them. Simply type @ followed by their nickname and they will receive an email with your message.

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