Lists represent the different stages of a board.

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Lists help you better organize tasks in a way that makes sense to you. They can be especially useful when representing different stages of your workflow. Every board is made up of lists that contain tasks. The default lists in Rindle are To-do, Doing, and Done. While there are some default lists that have been already prepared, you can add your own and customize them however you’d like.

Creating a New List

To add a new list to a board, click the “+” icon next to your very last list (on the far right side of the screen).

Editing a List

To edit or rename a list, navigate to your board and click directly on the list name to edit the title. 

You can use the backspace key on your keyboard to delete any text, then start typing in your new list name.

You can also change the color associated with a list. If you want to edit the color of a list, you can do so by clicking the dropdown on the right (next to the list name) and selecting a new color.  Once you have selected your color, click on the board (off of the menu) to save your choice. 

Copying a List

To copy a list, click the vertical ellipsis menu icon next to the list name. From the set of options that appear, select “Copy List.”

Your list will then be copied and a duplicate will be added to that very same board. 

Moving Lists

Moving a List From Within the Same Board

To move a list to a different area on a board, simply click the top of the list and then hold your mouse down to drag and drop it to its new home.

Moving a List to Another Board

Find the list you want to move and then click the vertical ellipsis menu icon located on the right, next to the list name.  Select “Move List.”  From the drop-down list, choose the board you’d like to move your list to.

ProTip: Want to clone a list to another board without deleting it from its original board? Try copying the list first, then moving the copied list.

Deleting a List

For more information on moving Lists to Trash, go to Move to Trash

Sorting a List

By default, lists are sorted in Custom order. Custom order is set by where you put (or drag and drop) the task within the list.

You can also sort lists with these options:

  • Title A-Z

  • Title Z-A

  • Start Date (Earliest) -

  • Start Date (Latest)

  • Due Date (Earliest)

  • Due Date (Latest)

  • Completed Date (Earliest)

  • Completed Date (Latest)

  • Tags

  • Assigned Users

To sort a list, click the vertical ellipsis menu icon next to the list name. At the bottom of the menu, click Order.

Note: The order setting that you apply to the list will sort of all members of the board. It is a board-wide setting NOT an individual setting.

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