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A board is a place where you can store your tasks and lists in Rindle — where everything comes together. Every board contains lists, and every list contains tasks.

Boards can be projects, workflows, or even checklists (and anything else you’d like). Think of them as ways in which you can organize your work.

Viewing Boards

To view a complete list of boards that you have access to, click the Boards icon on the left hand main menu bar.

On this screen, you will see a full list of boards that you have created, boards that you're a member of, and board templates.

Creating a Board

From Boards, click Create in the top right corner of the screen.

Give your board a name

Pro-tip: You can also create a board from a template or by importing.

Select the default layout for your board. This will be the default layout every time you open the board. Don't worry, you can still flip between views in the board and change the default layout anytime.

Copying a Board

There may be cases where you might want to copy a board for a similar project. By copying a board, you can save time and avoid double data entry.

  • To copy a board, you'll want to start on the Boards screen.

  • Find the board you want to copy, then click the ellipsis icon on the right.

  • From there, click Copy and you’re done!

Copying a board will create an exact copy of the board, including the exact lists, tasks, sub tasks, tags, custom fields, and automations.

Archiving a board

Archiving a board allows you to remove or hide it from your boards list without permanently deleting it (or any associated data) from the system.

  1. Start on the Boards page.

  2. Next, find the board you want to archive and click the ellipse icon to the right of the board name.

  3. From the drop-down list, select Archive.

Restoring an archived board

One of the great things about archiving boards is that you can reactivate old archived boards for future use. To restore an archived board, follow these steps:

Start on the Boards screen. Select Archives from the top navigation menu.

From the drop-down, click Restore. You will also see additional information, such as who archived the board, and when it was archived.

Moving a Board to Trash and Deleting Boards

For more information on trashing and deleting Boards, go to Move to Trash

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