Archiving a Task

Archive a task without permanently deleting it.

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If you want to hide a task from a board so that it’s not taking up space (for example, if a task is finished) and you don’t want to completely delete it as you might need to reference it again in the future, you can always archive the task.

Archive a Task

There are two ways to archive a task in Rindle. 

  • The first way is to click on the task you want to archive. Select the vertical menu in the upper right and click “Archive."

  • The second way to archive a task is by hovering over the task itself and clicking the pen/paper edit icon. From there, click the bin icon to archive.

View or Restore an Archived Task

  • To view a task that has already been archived, first navigate to the task's original board.

  • Click the ellipse menu in the board views navigation at the top.

  • Click "Archives"

  • To restore an archived card, click the “Restore” button beside it.

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