Occasionally there may be cases where you wish to permanently delete a task. 

Keep in mind that deleting a task will permanently remove that task and all of its comments, details, descriptions, and attachments (if you don’t want to permanently delete a task, consider archiving it instead).

You can completely remove a task from your Rindle account in one of two ways.

Deleting Tasks

  • The first way to delete a task is by clicking on the task, then selecting the vertical menu icon at the top right corner.  Select “Delete” from the drop-down menu.  A pop-up on the bottom left will allow you to "Undo" if you have deleted in error.

  • The second way to delete a card is by hovering over the card and selecting the pencil/paper edit icon. 

  • From there, a set of new icons will appear. Click on the trash icon to go through the deletion process.

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