Since our comments support markdown and we allow users to upload files, we've build a feature which allows Chrome users to upload images directly from their clipboard!

If you copy an image file:

  • GIF (.gif)

  • PNG (.png)

  • JPEG (.jpg)

OSX and Windows both support taking screenshots and saving them to the clipboard!

On OSX you can do this by pressing: 

  • Command+Control+Shift+3: for full page screenshots

  • Command+Control+Shift+4: to select a portion of the screen

  • Command+Control+Shift+4 followed by spacebar: to hover over a window and capture the entire window

On Windows you can do this by pressing:

  • Print Screen: for full page screenshots

  • Alt+Print Screen: to capture just the currently focused window

Once you've copied a file to the clipboard all you have to do is paste it into Rindle's comment box. The file will be attached and the markdown to display it will automatically be inserted for you:

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