Importing Data Into Rindle

Import tasks & data from other apps into Rindle.

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Importing data into Rindle can make your life easier in a variety of ways.  A few examples are: 

  • Moving tasks and boards from other tools to Rindle

  • Uploading a template or duplicate of a board for multiple use

  • Restoring a data backup 

You can import data via these file formats:

How to Import

For all of the options, you'll want to start from Boards and select "Import Board" in the top right corner of the screen. 

This dialog box will appear and you will be prompted to select your file.

Browse your computer to select the file.  Choose the file and click Open.  Rindle will show you a preview of the file name, and click "Upload File."

Give Rindle a second to process the file.  It shouldn't take very long, but it will depend on the size of your file. Click Visit Board.

Note: that you will be essentially creating a new board, not overwriting or updating an existing board. 

CSV File

Import via Rindle Zip

You may have already exported your data via the Rindle Zip option.  See the Exporting Boards article more information, but you'll find that export option by clicking on the settings cog in the board.

Once you have exported your zip file you can import it back into Rindle as a new board. Zips can be used as data backups as it includes all the board details including file attachments.

Note: Rindle does not support Zip files that have not been exported from Rindle. 

Importing via Trello JSON File

You can import tasks and list data from Trello to Rindle quickly and easily via Trello’s auto-generated JSON file.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, open up your Trello board. From the Trello menu, click “More.”

  2. After clicking “More,” click the “Print & Export” link at the bottom.

  3. Trello will then automatically generate a JSON file with the necessary data. Right click anywhere on the page and select “Save As.”

  4. Now that the JSON file is saved to your computer, go to Boards in Rindle.

  5. In the top right click on Import Board and select the Trello JSON file.

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