You can export board data in Rindle to help with anything from record-keeping to meeting notes (or anything else you'd like!). 

When exporting from Rindle, you will have the option of exporting as a CSV or a Zip file.  Zip files include more information than CSV files. 

Exporting data from Rindle can be helpful in a number of ways.  
These are a few:

  • Capturing a board offline
  • Creating a copy of a board as a template
  • Creating an exact duplicate of a board
  • Backing up data

When exporting a board, Rindle will auto-generate a CSV spreadsheet or Zip file.

It will include data like task name, task description, start date, due date, list name, and assignee.  Zip exports include additional information like comments, file attachments, and tags.

To export a board, first click the settings button on your board (the gear icon next to the board name).  Then select the drop-down on the upper right to view the Export options.

Select either “CSV” or “Zip” to define the file format.   

The file export will automatically start downloading to your computer.

Note that a CSV file is great for creating duplicates and templates, while you might employ a ZIP to run a full backup of data or capture a complete image of a board.

Once exported, the CSV file will look like this in Excel:

Once exported, the opened ZIP file will look like this, with a JSON file for comments and separate files for the attachments:

For more information on Importing Data into Rindle read this article

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