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Tag Manager (Add, Edit, Delete Tags)
Tag Manager (Add, Edit, Delete Tags)

Learn more about the tag manager which stores all of your tags.

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You must have Tag Manager level privileges to manage custom fields. Contact the account Admin or Owner to request access.


Tags are a great way to stay organized in Rindle. You can color code tags and associate multiple tags with tasks and boards. Once added, you can then filter or even automate based on the tags applied.

Tag Manager

The tag manager is a place where you can view all existing tags, add new tags, edit tags, or delete tags.

You can locate the tag manager in the left navigation menu under Quick Links

Adding a Tag

To add a tag to your tag list:

  1. Click “+ Add Tag” and type in the name of your brand new tag. Remember, you can always change it later.

  2. Hit enter on your keyboard to save.

Editing a Tag

  1. Hover over the name of the tag you’d like to change. Click anywhere to highlight and delete, modify, or add text as needed.

  2. Hit enter on your keyboard once you’re finished modifying the tag name. 

Deleting a Tag

  1. Hover over the tag you’d like to delete, then click the trash icon on the far right side of the highlighted box.

  2. Confirm by clicking DELETE

  3. If you find yourself accidentally deleting a tag, you’ll also find the option in the bottom left corner of the screen to click “Undo” immediately after deleting. 

Change the Color of a Tag

You can associate tags with a variety of different colors, and Rindle has a whole hex chart of possibilities for color choices when it comes to tags! 

  1. Click on the color dropper next to the tag.

  2. You can select a color from the list of circular hues, you can type in a hex # directly, or you can click on the square to select a color from the color range.

  3. When you have selected your tag color, simply click on the name of the tag again to lock in your choice. 

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