Sub Tasks

Sub tasks are mini-tasks that can be created on the fly.

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Think of sub tasks as mini-tasks that can help you create layers of prioritized work within your projects. Say you have a task with multiple steps or deliverables — sub tasks can help you break down those deliverables into digestible mini-steps, and even assign these steps to different people on your team!

Here’s an example: Let’s imagine you are planning a website redesign, so you create a task called “Redesign” and with that, you create three different sub tasks: Design mockup, marketing copy, and development. With sub tasks, you can organize deliverables into steps or compartments, and assign them to the relevant staff members associated with each duty.

You can add comments, tags, and attachments to sub tasks, just as you can with tasks.

Adding a sub task

To add a sub task, click the "+" icon in the middle of the screen. Type in the name of your sub task, then click enter on your keyboard to save.

Detaching (or moving) a sub task

  1. If you want to move a sub task to a different board or list, you can detach your sub task by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon next to the sub task name.

  2. Once you’ve clicked the vertical ellipsis, select “Detach.”

  3. Choose the board and list you’d like to move the sub task to, and then click “Detach.”

Alternatively, you can easily move a sub task to another area of your current board by simply dragging and dropping it to its new home.  You can drag a sub task onto a list to make it a new standalone task.  Or you make choose to drop it into another task where it will live as a sub task again. 

Deleting a sub task

If you no longer have use for a certain sub task, you can completely remove it from your Rindle account. If you’re finished with a sub task, we recommend simply marking it as complete, but sometimes it can make sense to delete a sub task entirely (for example, if it’s no longer needed in any of your projects).  You can delete any sub task whether it has been marked complete or not. 

  1. To delete a sub task completely (and all of its associated data), first hover over the sub task title.

  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the right, after hovering over the name.

  3. A drop-down menu will appear. From the menu, select “Delete.”

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