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Google Calendar Integration
Google Calendar Integration

A powerful 2-way integration that syncs your tasks to Google Calendar.

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You must have Board Owner level privileges to connect a Google Calendar to a board.

Rindle plays nice with your favorite apps. This means that instead of your work being scattered across multiple channels, you can use integrations in Rindle to allow your favorite apps to communicate with one another.

Do you want an easy way for your Rindle tasks, descriptions, and due dates to transfer over to Google Calendar so that you never miss a thing? You can do so by integrating your board(s) with Google Calendar. 

Not only will all of the tasks from your board be carried over automatically, but whenever you make changes to a Rindle task using Google Calendar or Rindle, your changes will be updated immediately in both apps!

Here’s how to get the integration up and running:

  1. Once you’re on your board, click on your board settings (the gear icon next to the board name).

  2. After that, click the “Details” tab.

  3. Under the “Google Calendar” section, click “Connect a Calendar.”

  4. Next, you will be prompted to select your Google account and authorize the integration.

  5. Once connected you can select what list you want tasks to go into when they are created in Google Calendar.

Once connected, you will see a new calendar in your Google Calendar matching the Rindle board name. Any task with a start and/or due date will appear on your new Google Calendar.

Note: A Rindle board can only be connected to one calendar at a time and only Board Owners can connect a google calendar. You can share the Google Calendar with your team directly from the Google Calendar app.

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