Direct Assignments
Direct assignments can be assigned from any board.
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Have you ever wanted to assign someone a task, even when they’re not on a specific board? With Direct Assignments, you can assign a task to anyone (regardless of whether or not they’re on that board).

If you assign a task to a person who is not on the board, they will see the assigned task in Browse (since they don't have access to that board) in addition to receiving a notification email.

Use Cases

One-Off Tasks
Direct Tasks are useful for one-off tasks with a co-worker that don't justify an entire board to manage them. You can Direct Assign from Browse as well.

Tracking Delegated Tasks
As a manager, you can have a board dedicated to tracking tasks that you delegate to your team. You're the only one on the board but each task is assigned to a team member. You can now see the progress of each tasks as it is completed.

Looping-In Short Term Team Members
Sometimes you just need a team member for a quick tasks that is a small part of a much larger project. For example, a copy editor to proof a blog post. Instead of having to share the entire board with them, you can just assign the single task to the copy editor.

Assigning Tasks to Clients
In certain scenarios you will need to assign one-off tasks to a client, but you don't want to share the entire board with them. The client can access direct assignments in Browse or directly via the email notification (reply with comments and attachments).

Getting quick input from non-team member or manager
In some cases you may need input or approval from an expert or your manager. They aren't on the project, nor do they want to be. Simply assign only the tasks that they need to take care without complicating their lives with more shared boards.

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