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Rindle workflow inspiration
Rindle workflow inspiration

Get inspired with these different board ideas.

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You can use Rindle boards to help you organize all kinds of tasks in a number of different ways. Whether you’re an agency owner or a software developer, there's always a way you can create a board for your unique needs.

To get some new ideas regarding how you and your team can use Rindle, check out some of these board ideas below for inspiration.

Agencies & client workflows

If your team runs a lot of client projects, there’s a good chance you’re doing a lot of the same processes over and over again. You can use this template to start and then completely update it to fit your specific project needs.

Consultation Call → Requirements → Mockups → Review → Delivery

Software development

This simple workflow is designed to handle development tasks along a simple priority scale (low , medium, and high) and a list for testing. Start with this template and make edits to your lists, or keep it as is!

Low Priority → Medium Priority → High Priority → In Testing → Done

UX design

You can update your workflow to reflect something more specific to a UX design process — starting with mockups and wireframes and ending on user testing and “live”. 

Mockups → Wireframes → Final Approval → User Testing → Live

Raising venture capital project

Not every board has to be a workflow. They can be projects, too, with start dates and end dates! If you’re a startup and you’re looking to raise venture capital, you can keep track of firms you’ve researched, vetted, talked to, received a term sheet, and closed! When you’re done, you can archive the board for safe keeping.

Firms to research → Find intro → Reach out → Negotiations → Term Sheet → Closed

Event planning

This is perfect for teams who run similar events multiple times a year. You can even adapt it for planning conferences and attending conferences as well.

Ideas & vision → Identify partners → Venue → Program & Speakers → Things that need to be ordered.


Whether you’re an HR professional or a team manager who has a lot of hiring to do, you can use Rindle to manage your recruiting pipeline. Manage candidates along the workflow — starting with your own internal processes. In this example, we’re beginning with a phone screen, then if the candidate progresses, move to an office interview, reference checks, and so on. If a candidate doesn’t fit your requirements, move them to the “No longer pursuing” column.

Phone screen → Office interview → Reference checks → Job offer → No longer pursuing

Content marketing workflow

Manage your freelancers, contractors, writers, and editors all in one place! Keep your content — blogs, articles, press releases, and more — under wraps and published on time with this simple workflow.

Content ideas → Research → Outline → Draft → Review → Published → On hold


You can also use Rindle as a simple deal flow for the sales team. Or if you’re a really small team and need a quick and easy way to see what / who is in the pipeline, this is also a solution.

Prospecting → Qualification → Demo → Needs follow-up → Closed

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