Board backgrounds

Add a color, gradient, or image background to your board.

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Want to liven up your board? Well, you can change any board’s background directly from the board settings in Rindle! Your new background will be visible to all other members of the board, and will set the tone for your board. 

You will also be able to see the background from your boards list.

Changing your board's background:

  1. Click on the board settings icon (gear icon next to the board name).

  2. Click “Backgrounds.”

  3. Select your background by clicking to preview it, then click “Update” to apply any changes.

Board backgrounds when creating a new board or template

When you create a new board or template, among all the other options, you will be prompted to select a board background.  You can always change the board background at any time via board settings.  In the new board, or board template, the selected board background will have a blue box around it. 

Remember, if you select a board background when creating a template, this will be the background that appears whenever you employ the template.  But you can use the settings cog to change it with every new board you create from the template. 

Reverting back to the default background

Want to revert back to Rindle's default board background? Go to board settings, then  Backgrounds, and select the first color tile, and click Update. 

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