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Take advantage of our 2-way integration with Slack

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Rindle's Slack integration is a two-way integration: The Slack automation action sends automatic messages to a Slack channel whenever it is triggered, for example when a task is moved to a certain list or marked as complete.  In addition, you can also create new Rindle tasks from within Slack, using a simple command or custom action. 

Connect Rindle to Slack

No matter which direction you want to go, the first thing you'll have to do is connect Rindle to Slack. To do this, go to User Settings > Integrations and click "Install" under Slack.

From there, authorize Slack.

You'll know you have successfully connected when you see this message.

Creating New Tasks from Slack

You can quickly create new Rindle tasks in Slack, using a simple command in the message field. The tasks you create using this method will be added in the board that you link to the Slack channel.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is link a Rindle board to the Slack channel using the /rindle link  command.

  2. Once linked, you can use any of the available commands. If you don't know where to start, you can see a list of all the options by typing /rindle in the message field.

Here are the commands you can use with Rindle

List all commands or provide information about all commands
/rindle help [command]
Example: /rindle help or /rindle help add

Link a board from your Rindle to this Slack channel
/rindle link

Add a task
/rindle add <Task Name> [options]
/rindle add Task Name -D 'description' -S '2018-01-30'
/rindle add Task Name --description='description' --start-date='2018-01-30'

Filter and return tasks for you
/rindle tasks [options]
/rindle tasks -A or /rindle tasks --assigned for assigned tasks to you
/rindle tasks -O or /rindle tasks --overdue for overdue tasks
/rindle tasks -T or /rindle tasks --today for today tasks
/rindle tasks -N or /rindle tasks --next for tasks due in the next 5 days
/rindle tasks -V or /rindle tasks --not-viewed for tasks that you haven’t viewed in over 7 days

Getting Messages from Rindle into Slack

You can set up a board automation to automatically keep members of a Slack channel informed about new tasks created, completed, or even moved to a specific list in Rindle.

To set this up, open a Rindle board and go to the automations section.

Click "Create New Rule" and select the trigger and Slack as the action.

Now, every time this rule is triggered you will receive a message in your specified Slack channel. The message will contain the task information and a link back to the task by default.

Sharing Links to Tasks in a Channel

You can paste links to tasks directly in Slack to share a task in a channel. When you do this, the link will unfurl to show details about the task including who created the tasks, the tasks name, what board it's on, and who's assigned to it.

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