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An at-a-glance calendar view of what's next for your team.

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Want to see an overview of what's coming up this month, this week, today?  Calendar view provides you with the full scope of what you need, while allowing you to add, edit, and delete tasks from within this view. 

Accessing the Calendar View:

Select the Calendar icon next to the board settings cog. 

Creating a new task from the calendar

Double click on the calendar to create a new task on that date.  Once the task has been created, click on it again to add more detail. 

Pro-tip: Any task with a start and/or due date, from any board view, will display on the calendar.

Editing a task from calendar view

To edit a task via calendar view, click on the task.  You will be able to make all the changes you normally would from within the task.

Moving tasks via calendar view

You can easily move a task around to different dates within your calendar. Instead of having to update the dates manually, you can simply drag and drop your task and move it to its new home. 

Viewing the Calendar by Day, Week, or Month

Once you are in the Calendar View, you can navigate from month to month, week to week, and day to day. 

By default, the calendar will always open on today's date. You can toggle between Day, Week, and Month view. You can drill into and modify any task simply by clicking on it. 

Month View

Week View

Day View

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