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An at-a-glance comments view of what's happening within your boards.

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The “Comments View” allows you to see all files and comments associated with all boards in a chronological sequence by month, date, and time.

How to access your comments view:

  1. Once on your board, click the “Comment” section on the left side of the navigation.

  2. Select "Comments."

What details can I access from the comments view?

The user who made the comment is on the left, and you will find the time stamp of the comment on the right.

Each set of comments is bundled within the associated task, with the title of the task in the upper left-hand corner of the box. You can click the task title to jump directly to the tasks. The order of the tasks is based on the most recent comment received.

When a new comment is made, this will boost that task to the top of the list.

All other tasks will be bumped down the list.


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