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From within any board, you can choose from four viewing options to obtain the information and context you need, enabling you to leverage your time and increase your efficiency throughout the workday.

  1. The default view is Columns. From here you can manage all tasks on a given board, and organize tasks horizontally, in a Kanban style workflow. Learn more about Column View.

  2. List view displays tasks vertically. Think of this view as similar to a checklist or traditional task list. Learn more about List View.

  3. Calendar view allows you to see an overview of what's coming up this month when you add a "start-date" and/or "end date" to any task. Learn more about Calendar View.

  4. Gantt view allows you to plan and manage your work on a timeline. Learn more about Gantt View.

In addition to the four board views listed above, you'll find additional views to help you track your work. See the left-hand navigation on your select board.

  1. Comments allow you to see all comments across all tasks. Learn more about Comments.

  2. Files allow you to see all files across all tasks and sort by file type or team member. Learn more about Files.

  3. Archive allows you to see tasks that are archived. Any task can be archived, regardless of its list or stage in the process. Learn more about Archives.

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