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Board Search & Filters are a quick and easy way to browse and locate the boards you need and stay on top of your team's forward momentum. By default, your boards are displayed in alphabetical order, but here are a few simple tools that will allow you to drill down to find the board you need.

Searching for a Board:

Click on the Boards icon, and the Search bar will be located on the top.

Perform a keyword search to find any board or boards. Results will display as you type the first couple of characters.

Refining your Board Search using Filters

Filters allow you to narrow down your search based on:

  • Active [All boards that you have access to]

  • Groups [Boards display in Groups if applied]

  • Templates

  • Archived

Access board views, sorting, and filtering in the top right of the board’s screen

Choose either your “Grid” or “List” view to get a complete picture of your team's status on all projects

Click on your board’s screen “filter” icon to further narrow down what criteria you want to be displayed in your board’s screen view with regard to start and end dates, tags, groups, and shared boards

Select your “sorting” icon to refine your board screen search in a more granular format

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