Archiving a Board

Archive a board without permanently deleting it.

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If you want to hide a board so that it’s not taking up space (for example, if a project is finished) and you don’t want to completely delete, you can always archive the board.

Archive a Board

There are two ways to archive a board in Rindle. 

The first way is to click on the board you want to archive. Select the ellipse menu in the upper right and click “Archive."

The second way to archive a board is by opening the board itself and clicking the settings icon to the right of the board name. 

From there, select the ellipse menu in the upper right and click “Archive."

View or Restore an Archived Board

One of the great things about archiving boards is that you can re-activate old archived boards for future use. To restore an archived board, follow these steps:

  1. Start on the "My Boards" page.

  2. Select the "Archives" bin from the top navigation.  This will take you to your archives library.  

To restore an archived board, locate the board and select the vertical menu in the upper right, and click "Restore." You will also see additional information, such as who archived the board, and when it was archived. 

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