Granting Access to Reports

By default, not all users have access to reports.  If you are an Owner or an Administrator, you may choose to grant access to specific users.  

The default setting is that the Owner, (the master admin who originally signed up for Rindle) will have access to reports.  Once you begin to build your Rindle infrastructure, you can grant any user access to reports by marking them as an Analyst.  

Note:  Keep in mind that any analyst will be able to see reports generated from data pulled from the whole organization.

So, let's cut to the chase!

First click on your user icon in the lower left to navigate to your Account:

Once you are in your Account, find the Members section in the navigation bar:

Once you are in the Members section, you can view all members.  The order of members is listed by oldest-to-newest date added.

Click on a member to open their profile.  We can review the member's permissions, as well as the groups he belongs to. 

And like magic, when you check the box next to "is analyst" you will be giving them access to reports.  But wait!  Don't forget to press the green Update button to save your changes. 

Read this Reports article to learn how you can use reports to gain visibility into your organization's productivity and progress. 

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