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Report Permissions (Analyst)
Report Permissions (Analyst)

Not all users have access to reports

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You must have Administrator or higher, privileges to assign user permissions. Contact the account owner to request access.

Granting Access to Reports

By default, not all users have access to reports. If you are an Owner or an Administrator, you may choose to grant access to specific users by giving them Report Admin permission.

Note: Keep in mind that any report admin will be able to see reports generated from data pulled from your entire workspace.

First, click Admin in the left-hand navigation menu, or click Users in the quick links section:

Once you are in Admin, click the Users tab:

Click on a member you would like to grant reports permission to. Check “Report Admin” and then save the permission by clicking “Update”.

Read this Reports article to learn how you can use reports to gain visibility into your organization's productivity and progress. 

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