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You can view the status of board tasks company-wide.  Rather than requesting manual reports in-person or via email, you can see right away what is (and isn’t) getting done within your organization.


The X-axis displays the specifics of the time frame, and the Y-axis displays number of tasks by category. 

Use the drop-down at the top to filter by board or time frame:

Active Users

These are the top 6 active users based on the sum of their Created, Complete, Incomplete, Overdue, and Stale tasks.  To view specific activity and progress of individual users in more detail, you might be interested in the Users Report.

Top List Overview

The Top List section is a place where you can see the lists with the most incomplete tasks.  This report shines light on projects that may be behind or need extra input.   

The Top List Overview is pre-built to reflect all time, not a particular range.  Be sure to try out the Boards Report to drill down into the status of individual boards.

Want to take a closer look at the activity of your team members?
Try the Users Report.

Want to grant analyst permissions to a team member to give them access to the reporting section?  

Learn more in Report Permissions article. 

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