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The boards report provides you with a quick run-down of board activity.  As opposed to the Users Report, Rindle gives you insight into the individual performance of each board. 

Note that boards are listed by date added, with the most recent boards at the bottom. 

In the example below, we can see that the status of the "NYC Twitter Followers Meetup" is 50% complete, which measures the activity across all users.  Percentage complete is based on the number of Incomplete to Completed tasks.

The left hand column shows the lists within that board.  The horizontal rows next to each list, show the status of the tasks.  The lists are defined by your company, and may vary from board to board. 

In the example below, note that the lists are different from the example above.  Each board has it's own company-defined lists.

When you utilize the drop-down to filter by days, you will only see activity within that time selection.  Your 7-day report likely may differ from your 30 day, or 90 day report. 

Whether you are an analyst or a manager, boards reports will provide you with a clear vision of the activity propelling your projects forward.

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