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Viewing the Users Report allows you to break down company-wide activity by user.  

You can scroll to view users from top to bottom, based on when the user joined the organization.  The drop-down at in the top right of the report first sorts the activity by window of time. 

Under each user, are the Boards they are participating in.  You will note here that "Equipment Checklist" is grayed out, because the user has been added to that board, but does not have any tasks created or assigned to them.  

The small outlined boxes to the right of each board, correlate to the status colors of the board categories.  You can track a user's productivity, and compare their productivity from one board to the next.

For example, this user has completed many tasks for the board "LA - Build Documentary Film Crew for Deep Sea Film,"  but might need some nudging on "Deep Sea Dive Planning" and "Global Underwater Conference, " as many tasks in those projects are either Incomplete or Stale.   An item has gone Stale after 7 consecutive days of not being looked at or opened.

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