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Looking for a way to stay on top of what’s coming up and what needs to be done? Think of Rindle’s email summaries as your own virtual personal assistant. You can opt to receive either daily or weekly summaries, based on your personal preference. These options can be changed at any time in your account settings.

Email summaries offer you a bite-sized overview of what’s coming up (so that nothing slips through the cracks).

You'll see:

  • Overdue tasks

  • Tasks due in the next 5 days

  • Tasks that you haven't viewed in over 7 days

  • Notifications settings link at the bottom right, to change preferences

Changing your settings and scheduling

To schedule your email summaries or unsubscribe altogether, you'll want to start by going to your Account.   Click on your avatar in the bottom left of Rindle.

Once you locate Notifications in the Account page, you will notice the various notifications options. 

From your account menu, select Notifications.   Use the settings to select Daily or Weekly digests, and the day, time and timezone of their delivery.  Select whether or not you'd liek to be sent summaries on the weekend.  Finally, click the blue Update button at the bottom to save changes.  

Turn Off Summary Emails

Use the green slider to the upper right to enable or disable summary emails.

The slider will turn gray, the options will no longer appear.   

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