Selecting a plan, billing Information, and cancelling an account

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You must have Billing Admin or Admin level privileges to access billing.  Contact the account Admin or Owner to request access.

This article will review locating billing information, updating billing information, and cancelling an account. 

To locate billing, select your Account icon from the lower left column. 

In the Account area, select the Billing section.

Billing Information:

In the billing area, you can view

  • The number of active users on your plan

  • When your next payment is due

  • The amount due on your next payment

  • Past receipts and download them 

Updating Information:

To update your credit card information, select 'Update Information' in the billing information section.

Cancelling Account:

You can cancel your account at any time. To cancel your account select 'Cancel Account' in the billing plan details section.  A dialog box will appear, confirming that you would like to cancel.  

To confirm that you would like to cancel, select the red 'Cancel Account' button.  We hate to say goodbye!  We hope you let us know why you decided to go, so we can improve our product! 

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