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Google Drive Integration
Google Drive Integration

Authenticating your Google account

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With the Google Drive and Rindle integration, there is no major setup or configuration.  It's all built-in. You can quickly and easily enjoy your Google Drive files in moments.  All that is necessary, is to authenticate your Google account. 

From within a task, select the blue Add Files bar, and Rindle will offer the four file attachment options.

Select Google Drive.

A pop-up will appear that will require you to authenticate Google.

Follow the prompts and select your preferred Google account.  It is necessary to opt-in to Allow Rindle to "View and manage files in your Google Drive."

Once you have allowed access, you can now add files from your Google Drive.

Disconnecting your Google Drive from Rindle

From the Account section of Google, select the option "Apps with Account Access."

From here, you can remove Rindle access.  

We realize that Google may change the way their settings pages look over time, so if you have any trouble, please refer to this Google support article on removing access to third-party apps. :) 

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