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Dropbox Integration

Access your Dropbox files in less than a minute

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With the Dropbox and Rindle integration, there is no major setup or configuration.  It's all built in. You can quickly and easily enjoy your Dropbox files in moments.  All that is necessary, are the login credentials to your Dropbox account. 

From within a task, select the blue Add Files bar, and Rindle will offer the four file attachment options. 

Select Dropbox.

If it is your first time using Dropbox with Rindle, a pop-up will appear.  At this time, you simply login with your email or Google credentials to your Dropbox account.  

If you select the grey 'Remember me' checkbox, Rindle will remember your Dropbox account every time you are logged in. 

It takes just a few seconds to access your Dropbox.  From within the pop-up you can select the files you would like to add to Rindle.  

Once the file has uploaded to Rindle, you will see it appear as any other file in the task, and also the Files View of the board. 

Connecting another Dropbox

You may be logged into one Dropbox account with Rindle, and  want to log into a different Dropbox account, or just log out of the one that you connected to Rindle. 

To do this, select the blue 'Add Files' and 'Dropbox' buttons as described above.  When the Dropbox pop-up appears, find the Up-Down carrots in the lower left in gray.  

These will let you select from multiple Dropbox accounts that you are logged into, or log out of one that you have connected.

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