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Integrations make the day-to-day flow seamless. 

We are here to provide our customers with the most powerful and relevant integrations in our market space.  

Click through each article below for more information and installation instructions where necessary.  

Box Integration:

Attach files from Box directly to a Rindle task using the box picker. A permanent link to the latest version of the box document will be created.  Box integration

Dropbox Integration:

Attach files from Dropbox directly to a Rindle task using the Dropbox picker. A permanent link to the latest version of the Dropbox document will be created. Dropbox integration

Google Drive Integration:

Attach files from Google Drive directly to a Rindle task using the Drive picker.   A permanent link to the latest version of the Drive document will be created. Google Drive integration

Harvest Integration:

The Harvest button integration allows you to track the time you spend on each of your tasks directly within Rindle's web app.  Harvest integration

iCalendar Integration:

Conveniently keep all your events in one place. Sync your Rindle tasks to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any calendar that accepts an iCalendar URL.

Keep on top of all of your due dates with our iCalendar integration. Never miss a deadline again.  iCalendar integration

Slack Integration:

Rindle's Slack integration is a two-way integration.  You can create new Rindle tasks from within Slack.  And Rindle can be set up so that automatic messages are sent to a Slack channel when actions are taken such as when a task is moved or marked as complete.  Slack integration

Zapier Integration:

To work efficiently, we know that you want all of your apps to work together. The good news is that Rindle plays nice with tons of other apps! With many flexible integrations, you can use Rindle with the apps you already know and love. 

In fact, you can connect Rindle to over 1,000 apps using Rindle’s powerful Zapier integration.   Zapier integration

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