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One of the things that make Rindle uniquely powerful is the ability to have a task exist on more than one board at the same time. Instead of treating boards like a closed eco-system, where what's inside only lives in one place, Rindle boards are more like playlists in iTunes. One song can live in more than one playlist, each in a different position within the playlist. 

You can do the same for tasks in Rindle. We call them mirrors. An exact mirror of a task in multiple locations.

We've built mirrors into the core structure of Rindle because viewing the same information from multiple perspectives is essential for collaboration. This is especially true in a world where people and teams alike have their own workflow and organizational styles. 

Allowing tasks to be mirrored on different boards means different teams can have access to multiple views of the same work, without losing a collective view of discussions, history, ownership, or status.

Create a Mirror

To mirror a task, open the task, click on the More Options menu, and select Mirror.

Select the Board, List, and Location where you want the Mirror created.

Note: Each mirror that you create from a task can live on a unique board and list.

Deleting a Mirror

When you delete a task that is mirrored, you will be prompted with the options to delete that task only, or all mirrored tasks that exist.

Note: Deleting all mirrored tasks will permanently delete all mirrors and cannot be undone.

Mirror Automations

You can create mirrors automatically based on a number of triggers with the Create Mirror action in automations

Select the destination for the mirror. When the automation is triggered, a mirror of that task will be created at the specified location.

Note: Automations actions only apply to the mirror that triggers the automation.

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