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Custom Fields vs. Tags
Custom Fields vs. Tags

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Using tags vs. custom fields

Both tags and custom fields can be used to add additional information to a task. For example, something like Priority could be tracked with either tags or custom fields.

For tags, you can create three tags called Low, Medium, and High and tag tasks accordingly. 

For custom fields, you could use a Dropdown field with the same values and the user can select the appropriate priority.

This can make it confusing as to where to start. Custom fields and tags are similar in ways and equally as flexible. 

Depending on your workflow, you might find that your team uses them in different ways, but here some scenarios to help you decide:

Use custom fields if you:

  • Want to add certain data to all the tasks in a project or company wide

  • Have standard information you need to track on tasks across boards (priority level, time tracking, cost estimates, status)

  • Want to make sure your teammates fill out certain information for each task in on a board

  • Need to sort or search by specific data fields in a CSV export

  • You want to show certain values on the task face

Use tags if you:

  • Need ad-hoc tagging, you have unlimited options, or aren’t quite sure what needs to be tagged at the time a task is created

  • Need to filter by tag from Tasks

  • Only need to organize or flag few tasks within a board or set of boards, like the type of task (e.g., Bug, Design, Issue, etc.)

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