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Create and Manage Custom Fields
Create and Manage Custom Fields

Add / Edit / Delete custom fields system wide

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You must have Custom Field Manager level privileges to manage custom fields. Contact the account Admin or Owner to request access.

Accessing Custom Fields

To manage custom fields, go to Admin or use the Custom Fields link in Quick Links

Then navigate to the Custom Fields menu option. 

From the Custom Fields manager, you can:

  • View all active custom fields

  • View the custom field's name and ID

  • Identify each custom field’s type

  • See the custom field's description

  • Identify if the custom field is Global and if Show on the Task Face is set globally

  • Edit or delete any custom field

  • Add a new custom field to your Rindle account.

Note: If you don't see the Custom Fields menu option in the account settings navigation, contact the account Admin or Owner to request access.

Creating a Custom Field

All custom fields created in your Rindle account are available system-wide to apply to individual tasks or boards.

To add a custom field, click on the Create Field button

In the next screen, you can:

  • Add the custom field's name

  • Add a brief description for the custom field (optional)

  • Select if the custom field should apply globally to all tasks. If turned ON, the custom field will be added to boards, and therefore to tasks created on those boards, automatically. If turned OFF (default), the custom field will be available to be applied at the board or individual task level. 

Note: After a custom field has been created, its field type cannot be changed.

Learn more about how custom fields can be displayed.

Deleting a Custom Field

Custom fields can be deleted by clicking the ellipse menu in the custom fields list

Note: Deleting a custom field will also remove any custom field data set and stored on tasks. This operation cannot be undone.

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