Any board member can remove custom fields from a board.

Removing a Custom Field

To remove a custom field from a board, open the board and go to the board settings

Then navigate to the Custom Fields section in the Board Settings navigation

Click on the settings cog icon next to the field you want to remove and select remove

Note: Removing a field only removes it from the current board, it does not delete the field entirely. Other boards in your Rindle account with the same field will retain it and the field can still be added to other boards in your account.

Global custom fields cannot be removed at the board level. You can only delete global custom fields from Custom Fields in your Account (must have permission).

Retained Field Values

Removing a field from your your board removes the custom field from all tasks on that board, regardless if a value is set. 

Removing a field from your board does not delete your field’s values from your boards tasks. All custom field values are retained.   

If you add the field back to the board, any previously set values will be populated.

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