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Custom Fields Overview
Custom Fields Overview

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Custom fields allow you to collect and track different types of data in tasks and boards. You can also use custom fields to populate and present custom information based on your workflow needs.

Custom Field Types

  • Text

  • Text Area

  • Number

  • Dropdown

  • Checkbox

  • Radios

  • Date

  • URL

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Create and Manage Custom Fields

The ability to create and manage custom fields is permission-based, so access needs to be granted on a per-user basis. When permission is granted, the user will be able to access Custom Fields in the Admin area and be able to create, edit, and delete custom fields system-wide.

NOTE: All custom fields created in your Rindle account are available for use system-wide, across all tasks and boards. 

All board members can add and remove available custom fields on a task. Only board administrators and higher can managed board custom fields.

Adding Custom Fields to Tasks and Boards

Once customer fields are created, as described above, they can be added to tasks and boards respectively.

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