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Gantt Chart Templates and Use Cases


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Waterfall - Software Development

A waterfall model lays project tasks out in cascading intervals so work gets done one step at a time. Here's an example of how a development team might plan their tasks. They follow a strict, logical process that easily aligns with the software development life cycle (SDLC). 

In this example, we’ve planned tasks for adding a new feature to an application. The phases of the SDLC process are listed down the left, with task timelines and dependencies represented on the right. 

Notice how the tasks form a waterfall structure as the project progresses. When one task is complete, the next one begins. For example, deployment can’t happen until the Testing + Revision phase is complete. 

CSV Template (more on importing CSV files to Rindle)

Use Cases

For more use cases, check out this blog post. We talk about...

  • Gantt for Marketing Campaigns

  • Gantt for Website Launches

  • Gantt for Quarterly Planning

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