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Browse provides powerful search options to help you find any task in Rindle, across all of your boards. Open tasks as if you were working in the board, without ever leaving Browse. Oh yeah, you can save searches too!

Accessing Browse

To access Browse, select it from the main navigation menu 

Advanced Search

When you go to Browse for the first time, you will see a number of advanced search options.

Search Criteria Options

  • Search by keyword

  • Status

  • Start Date & Due Date

  • Tags (you can select more than one)

  • Assigned to (you can select more than one)

  • Assigned by (you can select more than one)

  • Watched by (you can select more than one)

  • Mentioned Users (you can select more than one)

  • Boards (you can select more than one)

  • Include Sub Tasks in search (move green slider to the right)

  • Include sub tasks in search (on or off)

  • Include archived tasks in search (on or off)

Select the criteria that you would like to search. As an example, if you search for

  • Status: Incomplete

  • Assigned to: You

Click Apply

The search result will include any task that is Incomplete and Assigned to you (including sub tasks).

  • You can edit tasks directly from the Search results by clicking on the task name.

  • Click on the blue Advanced button at the top to return to your search.

You can choose to exclude certain search criteria:

  • Tags - search for tasks that have no tags applied to them

  • Assigned to - search for tasks that have no users assigned

  • Assigned by - search for tasks that have not been assigned by any users

  • Boards - search for tasks that do not belong to a board.

  • Sub Tasks - move the slider to the left to exclude sub tasks from the search

To exclude a search criteria, simply uncheck the box next to the criteria name

You can also access advanced search from the search results screen. Click the Advanced in the search bar

To edit an existing search, just click the Advanced button again and your search criteria will be pre-selected for easy editing.

Keyword Search

From the search results screen, you can search by keyword without having to open Advanced Search. Just type in a keyword and hit Enter on your keyboard.

If you then choose to do an Advanced Search, the keyword will be applied automatically.

Saved Searches

You can choose to save an Advanced Search. Click Save Search before clicking Apply.

Name your saved search and click Save.

You can then access the saved search from the Saved Search menu in the upper right hand corner.

Note: You can save more than one search.  You can choose to delete a saved search by hovering over the name of the search and clicking the trash bin, 

Setting a Saved Search as Default

You can set a Saved Search as default by selecting the default radio button in the Save Search menu

The default Saved Search will display every time you open Browse.

Sorting Results

Ascending and Descending Order

The default sorting option is set to Descending Order. You can toggle to Ascending.

Due Date - Updated - Created

You can further sort by when the task is due, when it was last updated, or when it was created.

Saving a Search from Results Query

You can also choose to save a search directly from the left search pane in the results query.  In addition, this will save your keyword filter and sorting filters.

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