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Task Dependencies in Gantt charts
Task Dependencies in Gantt charts

Understand what's up next and what tasks are waiting on

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Dependencies help you identify tasks that are dependent on each other. The most common dependency type is:

"finish_to_start" - the target task can't start before the source task ends (but it may start later).

Using this type of dependency allows you to identify the tasks that have to be completed before a particular task can start. We will use this type of dependency throughout these help docs.

Creating dependencies on a Gantt Chart

  1. Open a project in Gantt Chart

  2. Click the circle at the end of a task

  3. Drag to the beginning of the next task

Managing dependencies

To see what dependencies a task has, click to open the task. Dependencies (if any) will appear at the top of the task showing the relationship relative to that task. Clicking on the dependency will open the task.

If the dependency is complete, it display with a strike through the task name.

Removing dependencies

You can remove dependencies by:

  1. Open the Gantt chart

  2. Double clicking the dependency line you want to delete

  3. A window will open asking you to confirm you want to delete the dependency. Select OK.

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