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Create and apply board templates to quickly get work kicked off

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Applying a board template to a new board allows you to easily bring in a set of lists and tasks with pre-specified due dates, sub tasks, and other information. No need to waste time when you kick-off the same project or workflow. Let board templates do the heavy lifting!

How to create a new template

  1. In Boards, click on Templates in the top navigation menu

  2. Click Create Template in the top right corner

  3. Select the default view for your template and name your board template

  4. Select the background for your template

  5. Share your template

  6. Click Create Template

  7. Build out the template as you would a board (you can add lists, tasks and sub tasks and include start and due dates, tags, comments, file attachments, and automations etc.)

How to apply a template to a new board

  1. In Boards, click on Create Board in the top right corner

  2. Select Create From Template 

  3. Select the template you would like to use

  4. Finish the board creation process (default view and board background will be pre-selected based on the template settings)

  5. You template will be applied to the new board.

Lists, tasks, sub tasks (and associated tags, start and due dates and labels), and automations from the template will be visible in the new board and can then be edited, updated, and moved for the needs of the new board.

Pro-tip: Any start and due dates in the template applied to the new board will automatically adjust based on the date you create the board. 

How to covert an existing board to a template

If you have existing boards that you want to use as templates, you can easily convert them into a template. 

  1. In Boards, find the board you would like to convert

  2. In the ellipse menu, select Save as Template

  3. You will now see the new template in the Templates section

Pro-tip: Save as Template creates a copy of the board as the template, so the original board stays as is.

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