Watchers are a great way to keep a pulse on activity when you're not assigned to the task but need to listen in or participate in the conversation. Watchers will receive email notifications on task comments and file attachments. 

To add/remove a Watcher to a task:

  1. Click the Watchers dropdown (binoculars icon) in the task. 
  2. Select the users you want to add. A green checkbox will appear when selected.
  3. To remove watchers, select the dropdown again and deselect the green checkbox.  Click away from the dropdown to save the changes.  

Only people on the board can be added as watchers.  Invite a user to the board if you would like to add them as a watcher.  

Pro-tip: When you're assigned to a task, you're automatically added as a watcher.

If you are watching a task, the binoculars icon will also show on the task face

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