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Notifications in Rindle
Notifications in Rindle

Get notified across all your tasks and boards.

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Receiving Notifications in Rindle

When assigned to a task, you'll get notifications for...

  • Upcoming due dates: Due Soon, Due Today, and Overdue notifications

  • Adding or changing start and due dates

  • All dependent tasks marked complete

When watching a task or discussion, you’ll get notifications for…

  • All comments from other users

  • Attachments that have been uploaded

And at any time, you’ll get notifications when…

  • You are invited to a board

  • You are assigned to a task or sub task

  • You are added as a watcher to a new discussion

  • You are mentioned in a comment or description on a task, sub task, or discussion.

Viewing Notifications in Rindle

Notifications is your hub for what's happening in Rindle. It shows you all of your most recent notifications across all of your tasks and boards. For this reason, it’s the perfect place to check-in at the start of, and throughout, your day to bring yourself up to speed. You can view it any time by clicking "Notifications" in the left navigation menu of Rindle.

You can choose between three feeds: “Unread”, "Read", and "Starred." 

New notifications that you've missed while you were away from Rindle will show in the "Unread" feed. You can clear activities when you’re done by clicking the check mark in the upper right corner of each notification, or you can click “Mark all read” at the top of the feed to clear them all at once.

Once you’ve marked all activities as read, you’ll get an "All caught up" message! Nice work!

If you’ve missed an activity in “Notifications” or just need to refer to it again, you can click “Read”. This is a feed of all the notification you’ve already seen and is accessible at any time.

If you want to flag an important notification for later, star it. Starring a notification in Unread will automatically mark it as read and add it to the "Starred" feed.

When you click a notification it will open the task or, in the case of a board notification, send you to the related board. Opening tasks from notifications in any of the three feeds allows you to have full control of the task without leaving Notifications.

In addition, you can also receive notification via email and in your browser. These settings and more can be controlled in Notification Settings.

You can access Notification Settings by clicking the settings icon at the top of the Notifications screen.


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