Conditionals are a way to ensure actions get performed only on the items you want. With conditionals, you set a specific condition (e.g., when a "task title" field contains "urgent") to get to the granularity you need. When the data from your rule meets the conditions you set, it proceeds to execute the action(s) in your rule. If a conditional stops a trigger, then no further actions are performed.

Conditionals are an optional part of setting up an automation, but they're a great way to make sure rules only continue for certain tasks. For instance, you can set up a condition for when you move a task to a list and add a specific tag to the task, but only if it's assigned to a specific person. Or, only add the tag if the task already contains a specific set of tags.

To get started, click the Add conditions button on the trigger you wish to add conditions to:

Let's say you have this automation set-up on one of your boards:

When a task is marked complete, move it to the Done list.

However, you only want that to happen if the task is in the In Progress list. To do this, click on the Add Conditions button on the trigger:

Click Add Condition to add your first condition

Select the List filter from the first dropdown menu. Then select is and the list In Progress.

Click Apply then save or update your automation.

If you want to add more conditionals to that automation, you can add them as AND statements or add new sets that will be treated as OR statements. The ability to add many filters in this way makes conditionals flexible and powerful.

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