Repeating tasks

If you have recurring tasks that you need to set reminders for, just specify the frequency and count and you're all set.

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Repeating tasks help you automatically create tasks that you need to complete daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. When you set a task to repeat, it will create a new occurrence based on the time interval and number of occurrences you specify. 

Creating a New Repeating Task

To create a new repeating task, click the "Repeat" link in the ellipse menu within an open task. 

In the Schedule field, type in when you want the task to repeat. Click the clock icon in the input field for examples. Click an example to try it.

Here are some examples:

  • Every weekday

  • Every 2 weeks on Tuesday

  • Every week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Every month

  • Every month on the 2nd last Friday

  • Every 6 months

  • Every June on the 15th

  • Every June, September on the 20th

  • Every year

  • Every year on the first Monday in January 

Pro tip: You can copy and paste these right into the Schedule field to try them

You can also add Start In and Due In values to repeating tasks. These are numeric values based on the day the task is created. So if you wanted the start date set to the same day the task is created, set the Start In field to 0. If you want the task due two day later, set Due in to 2.

You can set the task to repeat forever or a set number of times. If you wanted to limit the number of repeating tasks to five, you would set the Count field to 5.

Choose the location where you want each occurrence of the task to arrive

Optionally, you can choose to include any existing comments and file attachments that exist in the new occurrence.

If you would like to double check your settings, click "Preview" at the bottom of the options screen. This will provide the schedule of the next occurrences of the task (up to 10)  so you can verify the repeating task will operate as you expect.

Click Set Repeating to save your repeating task.

When a task is set to repeat, the repeat icon will show on the task face of the last occurrence. 

Editing repeating tasks

To edit a repeating task, open the last occurrence of the repeating task and click "Edit Repeating" in the ellipse menu.

Stopping repeating tasks

To stop a repeating task, open the last occurrence of the repeating task and click "Edit Repeating" in the ellipse menu. Then click "Delete Repeat" in the top right corner of the window.

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