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Troubleshooting a Slow Board
Troubleshooting a Slow Board

Options to improve performance of slow boards.

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Because Rindle has to load active tasks and attachments every time a board is opened, boards with a large number of active tasks may see slower load times and generally reduced usability. We suggest having fewer than 500 active tasks on any Rindle board (and under 250 if there are a lot of comments, attachments or sub tasks on the tasks).

If you've noticed slowness in a board, we recommend the following options to improve performance:

Archive old/unused tasks

If you have tasks that don't need to be actively referenced, you can archive individual tasks (or archive all of the tasks in the list at once in the list dropdown menu, leaving the list itself in place).

This is especially common in "Done" or "Completed" lists. Make sure you archive you're completed tasks so they don't slow down your board.

You'll find search and restore features in the board archive making it easy to find and recover archived tasks if needed.

Pro-tip: It's good practice to keep each list under 100 tasks as well.

Auto Archive with Automations

You can also set up a couple automations to auto archive tasks in your "Done" or "Completed" lists based on how old they are, or some other criteria.

On the board where you want to implement this, create the following automations:

Automation #1

Trigger: Receive Tasks from Another Automation
Condition: Completed Date | More than days | 14 (or whatever amount you want)
Action: Archive Task

Note: Automation #1 must be enabled to complete Automation #2 below

So Automation #1 would look like this:

and the condition like this:

Automation #2

Trigger: Move or Added Task
Action: Mark Task Complete & Pass Tasks to An Automation (select Automation #1 and set PERFORM ACTION ON to LIST)

So Automation #2 would look like this:

What this accomplishes:

Every time a task is moved to the "Done" list, all the tasks in that list are checked to see if they have been completed more than 14 days ago. If yes, they will be archived. If no, they will remain in the list.

Move lists to a new board

If you are actively using all of your tasks and lists, you can  create a new board and split your content into multiple boards. This is helpful if you want an easily-referenced history board, or if a project has expanded beyond its original scope. Once you've made the new board, move the relevant lists to the new board.

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