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Global User Permissions
Global User Permissions

The different types of user permissions for your Rindle account

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You must have Administrator privileges to assign user permissions. Contact the account Owner to request access.

You can view and manage the roles and permissions in the Users section, located in the Admin section:

Click on the user to access their profile:

Within your Rindle account, there are three different permission levels:

Can manage Users & Teams, assign user permissions including Billing Admin and Administrator roles. Manage all system settings.

Can manage Users & Teams. Can assign Report, Custom Field Manager and Create Boards & Templates permissions.

Standard User
Adheres to board permissions only (this is the default setting)

Guest User

Limited access. Can be a member of no more than 3 boards. Learn more

In addition, users can be granted specific feature permissions:

  • Billing Admin - Can manage Rindle account billing information

  • Report Admin - Can access Reports section (reports on all boards in the system)

  • Custom Field Manager - Can create, edit and delete Custom Fields

  • Create Boards & Templates - Can create boards and board templates (this is the default setting)

  • Tag Manager - Can create new tags. Can edit and delete tags

  • Automation Manager (Global) - Can create new automations. Can edit and delete automations. (requires a Business subscription)

Pro-tip: When you add a new user to Rindle, their default permission level is set to Standard User with Create Boards & Templates permissions. You can then go into the user's profile and edit the permission levels from there.

Learn more about Board Level Permissions

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